Who am I?

First things first, I’m an artist with a love for helping others achieve their vision.

I have a background in all things creative, which began with a love for performing in dance and theater. I’ve been working on costumes and theater sets/props since I was young. As a young adult, I became the Resident Artist for North Shore Dance & Theater – a non-profit studio in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago.

I continued my creative pursuits in college by earning a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, focused in Journalism, Film Studies and Art, along with a certificate in Multicultural Studies.

I then learned how to bridge the worlds of design and business through marketing, and earned a Global Masters in Business Administration, as well as a graduate certificate in International Management.

From there, I became a media designer for various different organizations and non-profits, and have worn various hats across the creative and business landscape.

So with all of this background information, what does this actually mean as far as what I’m able to do for you? Well…

  • Are you looking for someone to help you rebrand to help grow and promote your business/organization?
  • Do you want a new logo or layout design for your website?
  • Are you a theater or school drama program in need of set design/prop construction work?
  • Are you a small business/organization and need video-editing/post-production work for a commercial or social media promo?
  • Do you need a virtual marketing or strategic branding consultant?
  • Are you a musician and need album art or a music video?
  • Do you need new headshots?

Look no further!

And that’s not all. With a passion for digital and print media, design, video production, media editing, marketing and communications, I’ve got the tools necessary to help you do what you want to do!