Deena, a plus-sized curly-haired white brunette woman, standing in front of a fallen tree branch. She is wearing an orange cream striped baggy knit sweater, floppy tan sun hat, and Janice Joplin-esque retro octagon oversized sunglasses. She is holding the sides of her hat's brim and looking into the sun with a slight smile. There is blurred Fall greenery behind her on the trail with medium sunlight.

Thank you for wanting to learn more about DKD&M!

Hey there, I’m Deena! I’m a plus-size, queer, neurodivergent, abstract artist with a background across the creative spectrum. I create sculptures, paintings, digital art, art apparel, films, photography, and more. I enjoy exploring different mediums and am constantly expanding my creative horizons.

I am not currently accepting new clients at this time, but please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you believe there may be future opportunities for us to connect!