Layout Design: Homeowner/Renter Information One Sheet

As a new homeowner, there’s a lot of information you need to know – where your gas and water shutoff points are, who your new utility providers are, where your closest fire station is — all that good stuff. Most of this information applies to renters too, and I’ve noticed over the years that not everyone is given this information when they move into a new space. And it’s really easy to lose a slip of paper that looks like every other document you get with your move-in materials. So I decided to spice it up a bit to help you keep this information handy!

Here’s a sample printout I made for new homeowners — that is easily adjustable for renters — to keep all this information in one place:

I have a fillable form available with blanks for you to print and fill out your own version; just send me a request through my Contact page and I’m happy to send you one. Or, if you’d like one that is formatted like this sample that you want completed for you, or modified to fit your specific needs, just message me and I’m happy to discuss that with you too!

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