Ellen R.

“Deena has amazing creative insight as well as practical thinking. She listens to what the client wants and, after getting to know the client, is able to add insightful suggestions that reflect and enhance what the client needs. She is organized, productive, and extremely personable. From building my website to organizing my company, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Deena!”

Anne N.

“Deena has been a delight to work with over the years! She is enthusiastic and has outstanding attention to detail and excellent communication and people skills. Deena is extremely creative, has many innovative ideas and ensures that each project is completed perfectly. She is warm, friendly, thoughtful and dependable!”

“Deena Kahn has amazing communication, management and problem solving skills. She is an extremely creative and talented individual. She is reliable, responsible, always shows up early and is eager to begin work each day. Not only does she take direction well from others, but she is a great team player and also works well on her own once provided with guidance. I would highly recommend Deena.”

Anna C.

“Deena is really reliable and is willing to take on big projects. She works well with a diverse range of people being able to bridge the gap of age, race, and gender. She is very reliable and always completes tasks on time. I would recommend you give Deena a spot on your team to take you to the next level. I love brainstorming with her to create events and streamline efforts to become more efficient.”

Lucia L.K.

“A creative consultant in web design.”

“Deena and I have directed and produced several children musicals. She has shared her expertise and knowledge on writing, advising and preparing me for my Storytelling opportunities. Along with her undeniable talent, Deena has always been an absolute joy to work with.”